Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Mitten

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Dear Families,
This week, we focused our learning on The Mitten, by Jan Brett. Check out our fun week! 

Morning Meeting:
In morning meeting, we did the mitten greet. We brought in our mittens and put one mitten on our hand, and the other mitten in the middle of the circle. Students had to pick a mitten from the middle of the circle, and say good morning to the mitten's owner. We had so much fun with this greeting! 

Classroom Coupons:
So many students are earning lots of tickets for following our classroom rules and expectations! Students get the choice of picking a prize or a coupon. Several students have been choosing coupons, and getting to do fun things in the classroom! Some examples this week include: sitting at the teacher's desk, bringing in a book to share with the class, swapping seats with a friend, pick the morning greeting, and more!!  

Classroom Jobs:
Students were so excited to begin their classroom job this week. Check out some photos of our Drill Sound Leaders. I am so proud of them! Be sure to ask your child what his/her classroom job was this week! 

More About the Mitten:

This week's poem--can your child can recite it!?

We created our very own retell bags to help us retell the story of the mitten. Be sure to ask your child to retell you the story of the mitten. See if he/she can tell you the order of the animals that went into Nicki's mitten!

Hedgehog Show! 
On Friday, Ms. Pavlicek from the science center came to Fox Hill and taught us all about Hedgehogs! 
We learned that hedgehogs are mammals, that they have special defense mechanisms to protect themselves, and we even got to meet a real hedgehog: Pearl! 
We were so excited that even though hedgehogs are nocturnal, Pearl was awake and moving around. We even got to see Pearl eating her snack: some worms! 
Check out the pictures below!

Sight Words: 
Thank you for all your support at home in helping your child practice his/her sight word flashcards!! I am very impressed that all students knew the first 5 sight words!! Next week, there will be 5 more sight words added on to the sight word flashcards. Very exciting! :) 

Guiding Questions: 
-Can your child recite The Mitten poem?
-Ask your child to retell you the story of The Mitten
-What was your child's classroom job this week? 
-Ask your child about the hedgehog show. What did he/she learn about hedgehogs?

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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