Helping Your Kindergartener

How to help your child have a successful year in kindergarten!!

Here is a list of tips you can do at home to help your Kindergartener. I hope you find them helpful!

Encourage Print Awareness!
  • Read aloud to your child every night! You can even have your child repeat words, sentences after you read.
  • Ask your child to show you the front/back of a book, and to point where you should start and stop reading (left to right).
  • Make reading a positive and fun experience by visiting the Burlington Public Library or any book store.
  • Words and letters are everywhere! Ask your child if they can identify letters and/or sounds as you are driving, in the store, even on a cereal box!
Check your child’s folder everyday!
Your child will bring home a blue folder each day with school work, assignments, letters from me, etc.  In addition, this folder may be used for you to send in dismissal notes, or any other notices, as I check the students' folders every morning. Be sure to check/clear out your child's folder and send it back to school everyday!
Practice Fine Motor Skills!

  • Your child can practice his/her fine motor skills by holding a pencil, practicing cutting with scissors, or manipulating small objects/toys.
  • Have your child practice writing his/her name
Explore Technology resources
If available, there are many websites and applications that may be used by you and your child for additional practice in reading, writing, spelling, and math. Please check the Resources tab for more information!
Build up Self Esteem!
Kindergarten is your child’s first experience at Fox Hill and is a great place to learn and have fun! Get your child excited about school by encouraging and praising their accomplishments. Nothing is ever too small to notice!
Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and nutritious breakfast!  
Kindergarten can be a lot of work! Please be sure your child is well rested and has a nutritious breakfast in the morning. This will allow for lots of energy once he/she gets to school to learn, play and grow!
Practice social skills
During the first few weeks of school, your Kindergartener will be learning what it means to be a good student and good friend. Help your child practice some of the skills we learn at school. Some important life skills your child will learn about include:
  • Using eye contact when speaking to someone or listening to someone else speak.
  • Waiting patiently until it is your turn to talk.
  • Using kind words like: please, thank you, excuse me.
  • Things to ask a friend: “Do you want to play with me?” “What do you want to play?” “Can we play together?”
Keep a strong parent/teacher communication
Always feel free to contact me whenever there is a question or concern. The quickest way to reach me is by email at: You can also reach me by calling the classroom phone at: 781-238-5683. In addition, I would be more than happy to set up an in-person conference at your convenience.
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I will be using this blog as one of many ways of communicating with you during my time as your child’s Kindergarten teacher. I will update this blog on a weekly basis to keep you informed on what your child is learning about and what is going on in the classroom, as well as reminders, scheduling, pictures, and more. Please subscribe to our classroom blog by scrolling to the bottom of the home page and inserting your email address. You will be notified via email every time I post on the blog!

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