Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed the winter break and the holiday season! 
We had a great first week back to school. We reviewed routines and expectations, and even introduced some new things into our classroom. Take a look below to see more about the new and the old! 

Reviewing the "Old"
After having 10 days off, coming back from winter break is a perfect time to review our classroom rules and expectations we have had in place since September. We read some stories and even watched a short video which reinforced how to behave appropriately in school. We talked about how we can be safe, kind, responsible and respectful in school. 

Being Safe:
We remembered we can be safe by having a calm body, pushing in chairs, and walking in our classroom and in the hallway. 

Being Kind:
We practiced being kind especially during our Morning Meeting. We did the snowball greet, and practiced saying good morning to our friends with a clear voice, using eye contact, and with a friendly face. We even practiced our handshakes! 

Being Responsible:
We read The Day the Crayons Quit  and The Day the Crayons Came Home, and talked about how we can be responsible taking care of our classroom and our supplies. We also discussed how we can be responsible by having our very own classroom job, and by completing our best work. See "Introducing the New" for more information. 

Being Respectful:
We practiced being respectful to our peers and our teachers. We talked about whole body listening, and what WE should look and sound like when someone is speaking.

Introducing the "New"
This week, we also talked about some new changes being implemented into our classroom. 

A notice went home on Tuesday about a very new exciting incentive in Room 6: Coupons!!! 
When your child has reached his/her goal of 5 tickets in their jar, they have the choice of picking a prize, like we have been doing, or picking a coupon. 
Coupons are special rewards your child can do in the classroom, such as: pick the shake break, pick the morning greet, sit at the teacher's desk, swap seats with a friend, and more! 
***If your child receives a coupon, it must come back to school in your child's communication folder the next day in order for your child to redeem their reward!!!***

Classroom Jobs:
Beginning next week, each child will have his/her own job, or responsibility in our classroom. Examples of our classroom jobs include: floor sweeper, messenger, librarian, supply monitor, line leader, center commander, drill sound leader, calendar helper, meteorologist, and much more!!! The children are excited about having their own job and responsibility to maintain our classroom and to build community. The jobs change weekly, so every child will do each job at least once. 

Sight Words: 
Our instruction of sight words will begin next week. Learning sight words by memorization is a crucial aspect in your child's reading development. We will teach 5 sight words per week, with a total of 50 sight words taught by the end of the school year. 
Be on the lookout on MONDAY for a notice coming home with your child that will explain more about sight words, in addition with his/her very own set of sight word flashcards. 
Please return the set of flashcards EVERY FRIDAY so we can add more sight words the following week. 

Guided Reading: 
Along with introducing sight words, we will soon begin our implementation of guided reading instruction in our classroom. More information about guided reading will be sent home in your child's communication folder next week. 

Star Tags: 
Your child will soon be coming home talking all about Star Tags! Star tags are another way in which the children are recognized for displaying positive behavior, as well as reaching certain academic goals in our classroom. The star tags stay in school and are displayed on one of our classroom bulletin boards. Each child will receive at least one star tag per month. 

This week, we reviewed the old, introduced the new, AND reflected on how we want to become better for the new calendar year.  After reading Squirrel's New Year's Resolution, we discussed that a resolution is a promise you make to yourself to be better at something, or to help others. We brainstormed our very own resolutions and wrote them down. Be sure to ask your child what his/her resolution for 2017 is! 

Happy New Year from Room 6!!! 

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