Saturday, January 21, 2017

We're the Heroes!

We have had another fun week here in Room 6! Check out some snapshots below of our week. 

Students are continuing to earn lots of incentives in the classroom, such as bringing in books/special objects to share, and getting to do their very own classroom jobs.  

Happy Birthday to Anthony who turned 6 on January 19th!!!

 On Friday we had a Heroes Assembly. We learned that Heroes are a part of our everyday lives. 
Check out the pictures and video clip below of the Kindergarten grade level performing our H-E-R-O-E-S song!

Important Parent Information: 

*Just a friendly reminder to check and empty out your child's blue commutation folder DAILY!!! Important notices, reminders, and information go home frequently. 

Report Cards
* Kindergarten Report cards will be going home on Monday, January 23rd. Please be sure to check your child's backpack on Monday for the report card, which will be in a blue folder. The blue folder also contains a parent questionnaire to be filled out by you. Please return the blue folder and questionnaire back to school as soon as possible! You may keep your child's report card.
Please remember Kindergarten Report Cards are based on standards your child is expected to meet by the end of their Kindergarten year. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me if any questions/concerns arise about your child's report card.
Thank you!! 

Sight word flashcards
*Thank you for your support at home in helping your child practicing his/her sight words! Just 5 minutes per day goes a long way! 
Please remember to send your child's sight word flashcard booklet to school each Friday.

* Students learned a new exciting center we will be doing during our literacy block: Raz-Kids! Raz-Kids is an app on the iPad (or website on a computer) which has thousands of books children can listen to, read, and answer questions about at their own reading level. 
If you have an iPad or computer at home, a notice went home in your child's communication folder with information about how to log into Raz-Kids, along with your child's username and password. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Star Tags
*On Friday, we had our first Star Tag ceremony! Each student received their very own star tag for displaying positive behavior. Some examples of star tags earned this week include: giving 100% effort, first time listening, good bus behavior, and more! Be sure to ask your child what star tag he/she received. 

Guided Reading
*A notice went home about Kindergartners beginning guided reading this month. Sometimes, your child may bring home a “Take Home Book,” which is a copy of a book already read in school. Your child may read the Take-Home book to you, an older brother or sister, or other caregiver. The idea is to have him/her read at home to practice what has been learned in school. After you are finished listening to your child read, please sign the slip of paper that is attached to the book.

These books MUST be returned to school the following day in your child’s communication folder.
Please take care of the books!!

Mystery Reader
*Be on the lookout for a notice coming home in your child's folder about Mystery Reader beginning in Room 6!!! 

Guiding Questions: 
-Ask your child who his/her hero is
-What was your child's classroom job this week?
-What star tag did your child receive on Friday? 

Thanks again for all your support at home.
Have a wonderful weekend!!! 

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