Friday, October 21, 2016

Week 6: Starting Centers!

Dear Families, 
We had a busy and fun-filled week of learning in Kindergarten. Check out the pictures and blurbs below to find out what we did!

Students practiced "sky writing" our two new letters: m & n. They are doing a fabulous job in writing our new letters, and identifying the sound the letters make. Challenge your Kindergartener at home to come up with some words that begin with m and n!!! 

The children were so excited to begin our center rotation! Some centers we practiced were: 

Write around the Room

Art Center: making a pumpkin

Sensory center: digging for (fake) pumpkin seeds! 

Roll a Letter

Writing Center

 Rainbow Write

iPad Center

Read to Self

Pumpkin games at the Game Center!

 Poetry Center: I'm a Little Pumpkin

We had some fun playing a math game! 

We celebrated Marissa's 6th Birthday this week!! 

Did you know we have some twins in Room 6?!

Shake Breaks! 
Here are this week's "shake breaks" we do in the classroom to get our minds and bodies ready for learning. The kids love them and I'm sure they would love them at home too! 

Get the "Kindergarten Conservation" Started at Home!  
-Bus safety on Monday: children learned the proper way to exit a bus in case of an emergency
-Book Fair on Tuesday...was a success! Thank you to all parents who helped make the book fair go as smooth as possible! 
-Syllables: We have been practicing clapping our names into syllables! Ask your child how many syllables he/she has in their name. Play more syllable games with your child at home! (i.e. how many syllables are in the word ____). 
- What was your child's favorite center this week? 
-We read a story and talked about how many seeds are in a pumpkin. Ask your child if they can remember the answer! 

We have our Halloween Celebration next Friday!!! 
~If you haven't already, please send back in the volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering from 9:30-11 am on Friday, 10/28. You would be responsible for assisting with Fall and Halloween-based center activities and games. 
~Please be on the lookout for a notice coming home with information about "Party in A Bag." On the day of our Halloween Celebration, you will be sending your child's snack to school in the paper bag which will be sent home next week! 
Share: During Morning meeting, we incorporate a daily "share." Beginning next week, one child will share each day. You will get a notice in your child's folder when it is their turn to share. Please help your child prepare by helping him/her choose an object to bring in and share with the class, or have your child practice telling a story your they would like to share with the class. 
-Library...will return to our normal schedule next week. Please help your child remember to bring back his/her library book by Tuesday.
-Scholastic Book Orders for November will be due by November 4th. Please let me know if you would like me to put aside any holiday books you plan on ordering for your child! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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