Friday, October 14, 2016

Week 5: Authors and Autumn!

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We had a short but busy week here in Room 6! Please see below for a blurb of what we did this week in Kindergarten!

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Happy birthday to Nathan! He turned 6 on October 8th!!

Read Alouds: 
We read and discussed how we know it is Autumn, and some things that happen in the fall. 
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We continued to practice some of our centers that we will be doing independently soon. See some photos below of students practicing reading poems from our poetry binder. We will start our center rotation next week! 

Stuffed Animal Day and Community Circle on Friday! 
Our class ticket jar was filled up! Our class voted and decided to bring in our favorite stuffed animals as our reward on Friday. Nice job Room 6!!! We can't wait until our class ticket jar is filled up again! 

Mrs. Johnson talked to us about what it's like to be in a community and read us a story. 

After learning about the different colors of leaves in the fall, we painted our very own Fall Trees to hang up in the classroom! Each tree is unique and came out fabulous! I think we have some future artists in our hands! 

This week, we learned all about narrative writing. Narrative writing is when we write about an event that really happened to us. We decided to write our narratives on our apple picking field trip at Parlee Farms! Each student wrote a sentence, and drew a picture to describe what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of our field trip. We will assemble each child's writing into his/her very own book to take home at the end of the school year!
Please see the "What We're Learning" tab for more information about narrative writing. 

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This week was our first full week of Fundations. We focused on letters t, b and f. We practiced saying the sound these letters make, and we practiced writing these letters in lowercase form on whiteboards and as a writing around the room activity.
Don't forget to practice at home!

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This week in math, we began Topic 2, comparing numbers 0-5. So far we have learned about the concepts greater than, less than, and equal groups.

*We will be going to the book fair on Tuesday, October 18th! Please see the notice that went home HEREIt is important your child knows which books he/she will be purchasing, and it would be helpful if to have the exact amount of money your child will need in an envelope. Thanks in advance for your help!

Guiding Questions:
- Ask your child to think of some words that begin with the letters t, b and f.
- What are some things that happen in the fall? How do you know it is fall?
- Play a rhyming game with your child. Who can come up with the most words that rhyme with _______. (For example: ask your child who can come up with the most words that rhyme with bat? Other examples: car, sock, log, etc).
- Practice telling stories with your child. Make sure the stories have a beginning, middle and end!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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