Friday, September 23, 2016

Second Week!

We have been very busy this week in Kindergarten, as we continue to learn and grow each and every day! Please take a look below too see what your child has been doing this week, some pictures, and some important reminders! 

Read Alouds: Each day, the children are exposed to literature through read-alouds, which lead to rich classroom discussions and invaluable learning. Here are the books we read together this week. Please be sure to ask your child which was his/her favorite!  
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Morning Meeting:
Every morning during our Morning Meeting, one child shares his/her family photo(s) that were brought in on the first day of school. This is great practice for speaking and listening skills! Here are the four students who got to share their photo this week. Great job!!! 

We do a song and/or dance during Morning Meeting as our activity. The kids loved the song this week! If you want to play the song at home, click here

I am sure your child has come home talking all about tickets! Tickets are one of many ways in which children are positively rewarded for displaying appropriate behavior, especially following classroom rules! To read more about how tickets work in our classroom, and about our classroom rules, please click here. Don't forget to ask your child how he/she has been earning tickets! 

The first few weeks of school are all about having the children learn through discovering. This week, we explored common classroom items so that we become experts on using them in the future. We practiced using glue sticks, scissors, markers, paint, play dough, and more! Take a look at some pictures below to check out our guided discovery in action! 

Crayon Box that Talked - we colored in crayons to show we are each unique.

How many letters are in your name? Be sure to ask your child!
We began our very first Topic in our enVisionMath program. This Topic focuses on counting, identifying, and writing numbers 0-5. Children have been doing a great job so far! 

Back to School Night:
It was great seeing parents at Back to School Night!  Thank you to those who could make it! If you missed Back to School Night, or are looking for more information, please click here for the Back to School Night slideshow.

- If you haven't already, please send in the Apple Picking Field Trip permission slip & fee as soon as possible! :) 
-If you (or anyone in your family) would like to chaperone on the Apple Picking Field Trip, or any field trips in the future, you must have a CORI background check, and must attend the Volunteer Meeting on Tuesday, September 27th at either 9:30 am or 6:30 pm!
-Don't forget to remind your child to bring his/her library book back by Tuesday!!

Guiding Questions:
Please be sure to ask your child any of these questions to get the conversation about school started! 
-After reading Jack's Talent, we talked about how each and every one of us have our own special talent. What is your child's talent? What is he/she really good at?
-After reading Wemberly Worried and Owen, we talked about worrying. What is something your child worries about? How do we make our worries go away?
-We went to the library on Tuesday. What did we do at the library? What book did we read?
- What are some ways your child has earned tickets so far?

I'm looking forward to another fantastic week with your child!!! 

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