Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lots to 'SEE' from Week 'THREE'!

This week was all about rhyming, apples, and labeling! 
Read Alouds:
Image result for ten apples up on topImage result for book oneImage result for apple pie treeImage result for brown bear brown bear what do you seeImage result for hop on popImage result for lily's purple purseImage result for rhyming dust bunnies
We began to talk about apples this week to get ready for our apple picking Field Trip to Parlee Farms! We read some read-alouds featuring apples, and will discuss more about the parts of an apple, and how apples grow next week!

This week, we focused our learning on the concept that words which sound the same at the end rhyme. We practiced rhyming by singing two apple poems, by reading nursery rhymes, and even playing some fun rhyming games, like Rhyme Bingo! After reading Hop On Pop, we got to do our own rhyming by saying three words that rhyme as we jumped on bubble wrap. Next week, we will continue practicing rhyming! Check out the videos below of some of our class singing the two poems from this week, as well as some pictures!

Poetry & Write Around the Room Centers
During our ELA block, we have been practicing some centers that we will be working on independently soon. So far we have learned about Poetry Center and Write Around the Room center. The children were very excited to be learning about some of the centers we will be doing all year long!  

Morning Meeting:
We are continuing to have children share about their family photos. Here are the children who shared this week. Great job!! 

We delved into some nonfiction writing this week: labeling. On Monday, we labeled some real photographs, and then on Friday we labeled some items around our classroom. Be sure to ask what your child decided to label! 

Welcome Blake!
On Monday, Blake joined Room 6...all the way from Texas! We are so happy to have him joining us!

-Library day is Tuesdays. Please have your child bring his/her library back by Tuesday so a new book can be borrowed for the following week! 
-Picture Day is on October 5th.
-If you missed the volunteer meetings this week, there is another meeting scheduled for Wednesday October 5th at 9:30 am. 
-Our field trip to Parlee Farms is on October 6th. Thank you to those who will be chaperoning our trip!! 
Students will receive their field trip t shirts the day of the trip and will bring them home to be worn on future field trips. 
-October Scholastic News will be due by October 12th. 

Guiding Questions:
-Which poem did your child like better, Have You Ever Seen and Apple, or I'm a Little Apple?
- Which rhyming activity did your child like better: Rhyming Queen or hopping on pop? 
- After listening to a story, we are learning how to decide if we like the story or not. Have your child practice this skill at home! After reading a story together, have your child tell you whether or not they liked the story and why.
-What center did your child like the best: poetry or write around the room? 

Happy weekend! 

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  1. Love the blog...thanks for keeping up updating on all the fun activities the children are doing in the classroom!