Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Lucky" to be in Kindergarten!

Dear Families,
We had a very "lucky" week in Kindergarten! On Thursday, Lucky the Leprechaun visited our classroom, and was very impressed with how hard the students in Room 6 were working! As a result, we got to have "Game Day" as our reward! 
Please take a look at some pictures below from our week!
Lucky the Leprechaun wrote a message to our class! 
Gavin's Grandparents were our Mystery Readers on Friday! Thank you to Gavin's Grandparents for reading a very special story! 

Guiding Questions: 
- What was your child's favorite sight word center this week? 
- We talked about St. Patrick's day this week and wrote why we are lucky. Ask your child why he/she is lucky? 
- Ask your child to come up with some words that begin with /sh/, /th/ and /ch/ digraphs (examples: chin, this, ship, etc.)
- Ask your child what a graph is. Can he/she make a graph of the number of girls vs. boys in our class? (6 girls and 11 boys)  
- How high can your child count to when skip counting by 2's? What about by 5's?
- Who was our Mystery Readers on Friday? What book did they read?
- What game did your child play on game day? Who did he/she play with? 

Looking Ahead:
- No school on Friday, March 25th
- Conferences: If you haven't done so already, please send back the Parent-Teacher conference sign-up sheet ASAP. 
-Please be on the look-out in the next few days for an email to verify your conference time. I'm looking forward to meeting and/or speaking with you about your child's progress in Kindergarten!! 

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