Saturday, March 26, 2016

Signs of Spring?!

Dear Families:
Although we began our week with a snowy start, we have focused our learning on some signs of Spring! We chanted our poem of the week "Spring is Here," we went on CVC word scavenger hunts, we "cracked" into some sight word eggs, and played a "bunny hop" CVC game! 

Sight Words:
So far, we have learned 40 of our sight words, and have only 10 more to go! Students have been doing a great job at practicing sight words during our independent center time. Keep practicing at home! Don't forget to check the "What We're Learning" tab to get the most up-to-date words we have learned. 

Children are continuing to practice tapping to read and write CVC words.  In addition, we have learned several digraphs (two letters that make one sound), and have started to learn that vowels have more than one sound. Be sure to ask your child about "magic e," and what happens when this letter comes at the end of a CVC word. 

EnVision Math:
Next week, we will finish up Topic 10, Composing Numbers 11-19. In this topic, children are learning to make numbers 11-19 as ten and some left over ones. We will begin Topic 11, Decomposing Numbers at the end of next week.  

Guiding Questions:
- Ask your child about our CVC egg scavenger hunts. What were inside the eggs? What did the children have to do?
- Ask your child about "magic e." What does magic e do to vowels? (make the vowels say their name). 
-Ask your child what the CVC bunny hop game is! 
-Did your child enjoy "cracking" into some sight words? Ask him/her what they had to do with the eggs! 
-Ask your child about playing a "greater than" and "less than" game in computer class.
- Can your child remember our poem "Spring is Here"? 

Looking Ahead:
We will continue to focus on our theme of Spring in the coming weeks. 
I am looking forward to speaking with each of you in the next few weeks to discuss your child's progress in Kindergarten! 

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