Sunday, March 13, 2016

Procedures & Policies

Dear Families,
In Kindergarten this week, our learning was all about procedural writing, and learning about policies in the school and our community.

Procedural Writing:
This type of writing is nonfiction writing, in which the children explain how to do something in sequential order. We practiced explaining how to brush our teeth, how to wash our hands, and how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Policies in School & our Community:
This week, the Burlington Science Center visited Fox Hill to help teach us about trash reduction. On Tuesday, the whole school had an assembly in which we learned about the importance of throwing trash away, and how we can reduce the amount of trash compiled in our school lunches each day. After the assembly, we learned that instead of throwing everything at lunch time, we can recycle plastic water bottles and tin foil, and we can do things like save food we don't want for later.

This week, we also learned about the importance of community helpers, and some things that we can do to be a community helper. Be sure to ask your child about what he/she can help the community!

One day's worth of trash from school lunches at Fox Hill!

Mystery Reader:
Thank you to Mrs. Abdo for coming in to be our Mystery Reader! We loved hearing the story There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly!

Guiding Questions:
- Can your child tell you the steps in order, how to brush your teeth?
- Ask your child to tell you the steps how to tie their shoes!
- Ask your child what he/she can do to reduce our school's amount of trash.
- Be sure to ask your child what are some examples of community helpers?
- How is your child a community helper?
- Who was the Mystery Reader? What was your child's favorite part in the story?

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