Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

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Room 6 is so happy that Spring is here! This week, we discussed the four different seasons that occur throughout the year. We read stories and talked about the different weather patterns in spring, summer, winter and fall. 

Birthday Invitations:
On Friday, we used our knowledge of the different weather patterns in each season to design our very own birthday invitations. Each child used the date of his/her actual birthday and had to pick an outdoor location to host their birthday party. The best part about this writing creation was that we got to use our very own Mr. Sketch smelly crayons!!! The children we VERY excited to design some fancy invitations! 
Be sure to ask your child where he/she chose to host their birthday party!  
We will continue working on our invitations next week. 

Fun Friday Craft: We brainstormed spring weather words, then made a Spring cloud!

The Rainbows add a pop of color into our classroom! 

Our poem this week...Hello Spring! 

New names in Room 6!
During morning meeting this week, we each got a new name! Instead of saying good morning to our friends using their actual name, each student's name changed to one of our sight words. Check out the pictures below! 

Mystery Readers!
Thank you to our mystery readers who came into our classroom on Friday! The children love hearing  stories read by family members. 😁

Mr. Hanlon came into our classroom and Read if you Give a Dog a Donut

Mrs. Rayne came in and read How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans

Peter Pan
On Monday, we got to watch a snapshot of the Peter Pan play, performed by Burlington High School students. If you would like to go to the play, it will be this weekend and next weekend at the Burlington High School. 
You can purchase tickets via the following:

Book Shares:
Students are continuing to do a great job during our Morning Meeting share. We are learning a lot about many different new books! We especially love hearing about students' favorite parts of the book.
We can't thank parents enough for your support at home in helping your child prepare for their share!! 

Our shake break this week was one of my personal favorites...celebrating the fact that Spring is finally here!!
Click the link below to get some wiggles out of your Kindergartener this weekend! 

Upcoming Events:

Parent-Teacher Conferences: 
I am looking forward to speaking with each of you for a parent-teacher conference! Please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to conference with me on the scheduled day/time that was provided. I would be happy to accommodate your needs! 

Community Helpers Day is on March 31st! 
Thank you to those who are volunteering to speak about their job and its role in the community! We are so excited to learn about the different ways students' families impact our community! 
This will take place on Friday, March 31st from 10-11 AM.

Field Trip on Friday, April 7th! 
We are going to the Discovery Museum on Friday, April 7th! Here are some reminders for this fun day:

-Please be sure your child wears his/her blue Fox Hill Field trip t shirt & sneakers
-We will be leaving Fox Hill promptly at 8:40, so we will not have time to eat snack before we leave. Please make sure your child eats a big breakfast before coming to school!!! 
-Please send your child to school with a nut free lunch & drink!! Children will not have the option of purchasing a lunch from the cafeteria on this day. 

April Vacation: No School 4/14-4/23

Guiding Questions: 
-Topic 9 in math covers teen numbers. Ask your child to count to 20, starting from 1 or any number. 
-Can your child recite our poem of the week? Which words rhyme in our poem? What were the sight words?
- What are some weather words that describe Spring?
-Where is your child going to host his/her birthday party? 
-What were the books that students brought in to share? 

Happy Weekend!!! 

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