Friday, March 31, 2017

Community Helpers!

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This week was all about Community Helpers! We read stories, discussed, and watched short videos to deepen our understanding of what community helpers are, and how they impact our community. 

Background Knowledge: 
On Monday, we used our background knowledge and each made a guess about what community helpers are. We watched a video on BrainPOP to check our understanding and gain new knowledge. 

Each day, we read a story about different community helpers. We learned about firefighters, nurses, doctors, teachers, mail collectors, and more!! 

On Friday, we got to hear from some real Community Helpers...our own family members!!
Please check out the photos below from our Community Helper Day. We cannot thank parents enough for volunteering your time to teach Kindergarten students about your job, and its role in the community! 


Nurse Practitioner!


Product Manager!

Nurse Practitioner!

Computer Technologist!

Financial Adviser! 


 Our Poem this week!

Book Shares:
The children are continuing to do a fabulous job with their book shares. Check out the pictures below! 


Here is our Shake Break from this week...Community Helpers Count! This Shake break is perfect to put on at home to get the wiggles out of your Kindergartener this weekend. Counting to 100 by 1's is one of our Kindergarten goals. 
Check it out!

Sight Words Update: 
We have finished introducing all 50 sight words! We will continue to practice the sight words during the remainder of the school year until all 50 are mastered. 
Be on the lookout for a notice coming home in your child's folder with more information! 

Important Dates:
Monday April 3rd:
Opening Day for the Red Sox! Wear your Red Sox gear to school! 

April 7th: Field Trip to the Discovery Museum! 
Here are some reminders about this fun day...
-Please be sure your child wears his/her blue Fox Hill Field trip t shirt & sneakers
-We will be leaving Fox Hill promptly at 8:40, so we will not have time to eat snack before we leave. Please make sure your child eats a big breakfast before coming to school!!! 
-Please send your child to school with a nut free lunch & drink!! Children will not have the option of purchasing a lunch from the cafeteria on this day. 

April Vacation: No School 4/14-4/23

Looking Ahead: 
Next week, in place of our usual guided reading groups and center time, we will be working on our next writing unit: Persuasive Writing. We will be writing a letter to the science center, persuading to let us have a classroom pet. 
After we send our letters, we will find out if we are persuasive enough to be able to get a visiting class pet.
We are very excited!
*Please keep in mind that due to our writing unit, your child will not be bringing home as many guided reading books next week. 
This would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the RAZ-kids app on your iPad or computer!! 

Happy Weekend! 

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