Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Seusstastic Week!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! 
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We had a very eventful week celebrating the birth of Dr. Seuss! Here's a recap of our week:

Monday: We wore some of our wackiest socks and read the story Fox in Socks
Tuesday: We wore fun hats based off of the book, The Cat in the Hat
Wednesday: "Wacky Wednesday"...a student-favorite! We dressed in our wackiest clothes and read the story Wacky Wednesday!
Thursday: On Dr. Seuss' Birthday,  we wore green, and the cafeteria even served green Eggs and ham! We read the story Green Eggs and Ham.  
Friday: We ended our "seusstastic" week with pajama day! Students wore their coziest pajamas and even brought slippers. A perfect ending to our crazy week! 

We also read some other favorite Dr. Seuss books, such as Horton Hears a Who,  and Sneetches. We will be reading more Dr. Seuss books next week, and then graphing our favorite book! 

Poem of the Week: 
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Poem:

Student Shares: 
Students have been doing an excellent job with their procedural shares! Check out some of our pictures below! 
Charlie shared how to use a yo-yo!

Marissa shared how to draw a sea shell!

Giovanni shared how to feed his pet bunny!

Nathan shared how to draw a house! 

Shannon shared how to make/eat a s'more! 

Student Behavior & Reward Coupons:
As we returned from a week off from school, we reviewed our Kindergarten expectations and appropriate behavior in school. We discussed how we can be kind, safe, respectful and responsible with Mrs. Johnson during Community Circle on Monday. 
 Students have been earning lots of tickets, and choosing coupons, or special rewards to do in the classroom. 
Maddie got a coupon to share a book with the class! She brought in One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Electricity Show on Wednesday! 
We had lots of fun watching an electricity show hosted by the Burlington Science Show. We learned a lot about electricity, and had fun, too! 

Mystery Reader: 
Thank you Mrs. Alba for coming in to be our Mystery Reader on Friday! The students loved the story Dragons Love Tacos!

Spring Conferences: 
A notice went home in your child's communication about parent-teacher conferences in the Spring.
Please send back the form by March 17th, indicating if you would like a phone conference, or an in-person meeting.
I am looking forward to discussing your child's academic, social and emotional progress so far in Kindergarten!!!

Guiding Questions:
-Social lesson with Ms. Greene on Monday: why is it important to share?
-Community Circle with Mrs. Johnson: What does it mean to be kind/safe/responsible/respectful at school? Why is it important to have these rules?
-Electricity show on Wednesday: Ask your child what they saw. Can they tell you what an insulator or a conductor is?
-New table spots this week! Ask your child who they sit with at their table.
-New jobs! What was your child's job this week?

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