Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome Back!

Dear Families,
I hope your child enjoyed his/her time off from school! Thank you for your support at home in helping your child write in his/her vacation journal. We truly enjoyed reading them and hearing all about the students' week off. Each child shared his/her journal with the class, and answered questions about their journals from friends. This was a great way to get back into the swing of things!

This week, we have been getting back into our routines. Our learning focused on living versus nonliving things. We explored this theme through our poetry, art, and writing centers! Please ask your child some of the questions below to hear about our first week back!

In our Fundations lessons, we are continuing to practice fine-tuning our understanding of long versus short vowels. This understanding is a difficult skill! Continue to practice at home by telling your child some words, and asking them if it has a long or short vowel in it (a long vowel says its name). Some examples include,
kite/cat, rat/rate, hike/hip, tap/tape, etc.

Guiding Questions:
- What are the features of living things?
-What are the features of nonliving things?
- Ask your child to recite our poem this week, It is Living
-Ask your child to tell you about our scavenger hunts inside the classroom, and outside by the playground!
- Give your child some words with long and/or short vowels. Can your child tell you if the vowel sound is long or short?

Check out some pictures below of students in Room 6 exploring inside and outside to find some living and nonliving things!

Looking Ahead: 
Next week, we will learn how to conduct research. We will be conducting research on ladybugs, then writing a class report on ladybugs.
Don't forget we are going to Lego Land on Thursday!!! Thank you to the chaperones for volunteering your time! Please remember to:
-Send your child to school wearing his/her blue Field Trip T-Shirt 
-Your child should dress appropriately for the weather and should wear sneakers
-Send your child to school with a nut free snack and drink
-Please have your child bring his/her lunch in a disposable bag that is separate from their snack!

We will be visiting the school Book Fair on Tuesday, May 3rd during our usual library time. Please send your child to school with his/her Book Fair money in an envelope with their name on it.
-Please look at the book fair catalog ahead of time with your child so he/she knows which books they will be purchasing.
-If possible, please have the exact amount of money in an envelope that your child will need to purchase his/her items. Don't forget to include tax!!!

Thank you!

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