Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Spooktacular Week!

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Dear Kindergarten Families: 
We had a very spooktacular week here in Room 6!!! Please take a look below for a sneak peak into our Halloween happenings. 

Read Alouds
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This week in Fundations, we learned about, and practiced the letters c & o. We noticed that the letter o is another vowel, and that we can extend the vowel sounds until we run out of breath! 
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c, cat /c/
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o, octopus, /o/ 
Morning Meeting:
This week in morning meeting, we focused on a concept in which the children isolate the beginning sound of a 1 syllable word, and then say the ending sound (also known as onset and rime). This skill is important because it  allows children to hear and understand that words have different parts. This will help them in both reading words as well as writing them. 

To reinforce this concept, we played "Feed the Monster." When the children feed our "pet" monster, they must say the onset and rime of whatever object we are feeding it. For example, we fed the monster connecting cubes, so the children must say /c/-/ube/ before they can feed the monster the cube. We will practice this skill more in the weeks to come! 
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An example of our "pet monster"
Listening Center: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
Art Center: Witches 
Game Center: Roll a Number: Halloween Edition 
Writing Center: On Halloween I...
Poetry Center: On Halloween 
Fundations Center: practicing letters c & o 

This week in enVisionMath, we are continuing with Topic 3, making and counting numbers 6-10. So far this week, we have learned how to count up to the number 8; we have practiced writing the numbers 6 & 7. Next week, we will focus on writing the numbers 8, 9, and 10, as well as counting up to these numbers. 
At home, be sure to ask your child to count a group of objects whenever you can. This can be done at the grocery store, in the car, or at home! This will facilitate their fluency in counting to 10. 

Other Fun Things: 
Library: Mr. Murphy read Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, by Peter Brown 
Computers: In computers this week, the children got to create and print out their very own pumpkin! 
Class Reward: Our class ticket jar has been filled up after working so hard the past two weeks. As a reward, the children got to watch a movie on Friday afternoon! We watched Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

Halloween Celebration: 
On Friday, the Kindergarteners had a blast celebrating Halloween! We paraded around the school in our costumes and sang "Witches Brew," and we did many fun Halloween crafts, activities and games in our classrooms for the remainder of the morning. In the afternoon, we watched a fun Halloween movie. Some of the activities/crafts we enjoyed include: 

- Ghost Writing
- Ghost Necklace
- Roll a Pumpkin Face
- Pumpkin Puppets 
- Pin the Face on the Pumpkin 
- Pumpkin Ring Toss
- Ghost Bowling 
...and many more!
Take a look at the pictures below to check out our Halloween fun! 

Check out a clip of our performance, singing Witches Brew in front of some of the Kindergarten families!!! 

October Crafts: 

October Birthdays:
Happy birthday to Victoria, Max, and Connor, who all turned 6 this month!! 

Shout Outs...
A huge thank you to Mrs. Miceli and Mr. Kane for helping out with our Halloween activities on Friday. We appreciate your support!!! 

Guiding Questions:
- Ask your child to think of some words that begin with the letters c & o. For an extra challenge, ask to see if they can think of words that begin with the other letters we have practiced so far: t, b, f, m, n, i, and u! 
- Ask your child to count objects in a group up to 10. What is your child's favorite number so far?
-What was your child's favorite part of the story The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything?
-Ask your child if they can say the onset/rime of some words, like: pen (/p/-/en/); gum (/g/-um); dog (/d/-/og/), cat (/c/-/at/) and many more!
-What was your child's favorite Halloween craft? 

Looking Ahead: 
Next week, we will focus on Narrative Writing. Narrative writing is a piece of nonfiction writing, based on our own experiences. 
Fundations: we will learn new letters a & g
enVisionMath: continue with learning numbers 6-10 

We are looking forward to another fun week in Kindergarten!

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