Saturday, October 24, 2015

SpoOoky Spiders!

Dear Families:
We had a very eventful week in Kindergarten. Please take a look below at some of the fun and exciting things we did this week!

Read Alouds:
Image result for the very busy spiderImage result for ahh spiderImage result for spiders children nonfiction book

Brain Breaks:
The children really loved this week's brain break - a fun Halloween edition of "If You're A Kid!" We will do this brain break again next week, just in time for Halloween. Feel free to use this brain break at home for your child to have a fun break!

Here is a clip of "Witches Brew." We will be singing this song in front of other classrooms and parents at Fox Hill School. Whenever you have a chance, have your child practice this song! 
Morning Meeting: 
This week, we greeted our friends by using a spider web greet. The children did a fantastic job at tossing a ball of yarn to a friend and saying "good morning." At the end of the meeting, we all stood up at the same time and admired our classroom "spider web."
The letters that we focused on this week were i and u. The children learned that these two letters are vowels and that every word needs to have a vowel in it.
The students in Room 6 are "sky writers" as they practice tracing the letters they have learned so far by tracing the letters in the air! 
Image result for i itch fundations
I itch /i/ 
Image result for i itch fundations
U, up, /u/ 
This week, we started workboard teams during our ELA block. Each student is either on the red team, blue team, yellow team or green team. The centers we had this week were:
-Art Center - a spider web hand print
-Listening Center on the iPads: A Very Busy Spider
-Game Center: Spider Syllables
-Writing Center: Does a Spider Make a good or a bad pet?
-Fundations Center - practicing our new letters
-Poetry Center: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Here are a few samples of this week's art center. The spiders came out very cute! 
This week in writing, we practiced answering a question with "yes" or "no." Our question was: Are you afraid of spiders? Children did a fantastic job answering this question and giving a reason why or why they were not afraid of spiders. We were able to come up with some persuasive reasons. Check out our class graph below. Be sure to ask your child if they answered yes or no!!

This week, we wrapped up Topic 2 and started Topic 3 on Friday. Next week, we will continue with Topic 3 in enVision Math, which focuses on the numbers 6-10.

Other Fun things this week:
-Book fair on Wednesday was a huge success!
- Social lesson with Ms. Greene: To get someone's attention, say "Excuse me, _______." A polite way to respond to someone is by saying: "Yes?"
-Played Fuzz Buzz again in computers. The kids love this sorting math game!

Guiding Questions:
- Ask your child if they can remember which workboard team they were on.
-What was your child's favorite center this week?
-Did your child think a spider was a good or bad pet?
-Is your child afraid of spiders, and why/why not?

Looking Ahead: 
-Next week is HALLOWEEN!!!
-Don't forget that you are more than welcome to come and watch part of the Halloween Parade on Friday, 10/30 in the cafeteria.
-We will spend the day doing fun Halloween-themed centers.
-Last call for October Book orders. The November Scholastic Book order will be going home on Monday,

Don't forget to email me if you would like to volunteer on Friday! Please let me know by Monday, 10/26.

Have a great weekend, and we are looking forward to a spooktacular week ahead!! 

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