Friday, April 14, 2017

Authors in April!

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Dear Families:
This week, we finished up our Persuasive writing unit. We put our final touches on our letters to Ms. Pavlicek persuading for a class pet. We wrote notes to Kindergarten teachers, persuading them to let us go on another field trip in the spring. We also completed and shared our Birthday Invitations.
What a busy week!
Check out all the fun below! 

Jullianna shared a princess book with the class on Monday! Great job sharing, Julianna!! 

 Community Circle on Monday
Mrs. Johnson reviewed expectations and rules at Fox Hill when outside on the playground, in the hallways, bathrooms, etc. In reviewing rules and expectations, it is our hope that children continue to display great behavior throughout the rest of the year! 

Magnet Show on Monday
After our field trip to the Discovery Museum, we learned more about magnets from Mr. Mussleman at the science center. 
Is it magic or science? Check it out! 

Happy birthday to Maddie!
She turned 6 on Tuesday, April 11th! 

Persuasive Writing:
This week, we finished our letters to Ms. Pavlicek at the science center, to persuade her to let us get a class pet! The letters came out awesome. After vacation, we are going to find out if we were persuasive enough for Ms. Pavlicek to let us get a class pet!!! 

Check out the letters below! 


On Friday afternoon, we shared our Birthday Invitations by having a "birthday celebration!"
Students shared their birthday invitations with each other by walking around and asking "would you like to come to my birthday?" Students then shared their invitation, stating when their birthday party would be, where, what the activity is, and what their guests need to bring.
Even though this activity was fictional, students were very excited to "invite" each other to their birthday party and to show off their invitations. 
Children even got to wear birthday party hats and listen to fun music while they shared. 
What a fun way to celebrate our accomplishment of finishing our writing unit! 

No school April 14th - Good Friday
No School April 17th-21st: No school, Spring Break 

Have a great Spring Break!!! 

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