Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Snow" Many Reasons to Love Kindergarten!!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying and staying safe in the snow! The children in Room 6 have been working very hard this past week on following the routines during reading centers, guided reading groups, and in math.  We have "snow" many fun upcoming events to look forward to next week!!! 

Reading Centers:
During our reading time, we are continuing to learn 5 new sight words per week. We practice writing and reading these words each day! We are also working on remembering letter formation for Uppercase letters, and we are continuing to practice tapping CVC words to spell and read. 

Last week, we began Topic 8, Understanding Subtraction. In this topic, children will be able to understand that subtraction means to take away, or separate. Students will practice subtracting numbers through 5. 

Guiding Questions:
-Ask your child about our new "Snowball Sight word" center.
-What is your child's favorite sight word so far? 
-Ask you child to tap out  the following words: "tip" "mop" "lit" "tap"
-Ask your child to tell you what the middle sound is in the following words: "cat," "box," "cup," "tip"
-Can your child tell you what "subtraction" means? 
-Have your child show you what whole body listening means. Ask your kindergartener what his/her hands, feet, ears, eyes, and legs should be doing while they are listening! 

Upcoming Events! 

100th Day of School
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Please remember to send in your child's 100th day cape by Thursday, February 11th. Please be sure to pack your child's cape in a separate bag with his/her name on it. Children should not wear his/her capes to school!!!
**Please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to complete this project, or if you need any materials!!**

Valentine's Day
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We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on Friday, February 12th.
Please have your child bring his/her Valentines no later than February 12th.
Please remember to have your child bring in enough Valentines for every member of our class. We have 17 students.
Don't forget the valentines need to be food-free!!!

Party in a Bag
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Please provide your child with a special and fun snack or treat that he/she can enjoy while we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 12th! Please put your child’s snack inside the white paper bag your child brought home from school.   

Please remember that the snack must be nut-free.

A note from the 5th Grade:

February “Yard Sale!”
The Fifth Grade Kindness Committee is  working on a fundraiser which will benefit the World Wildlife Federation. This isn't an actual yard sale. The Kindness Committee borrowed the idea.  Regular yard sales are held on a sunny day, outside, and on someone’s front lawn. The only difference our “yard sale” has is that we will be doing it in the cafeteria and it will be the middle of winter. The way this will work is that kids will bring in money, and for each dollar they donate they get a ticket. On Friday, February 12th, the kids will turn in their tickets and get toys, games, books, clothes, and school supplies in exchange. Doing this will help the Amur Leopard, a leopard that is being hunted down for its soft skin. There are 50 or more left in the wild. Today, there are lots of endangered animals in the world. Bring in money, and we will help other animals and you can get something good too!
Ananya Arvind

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