Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book buddies!

Classroom News in Room 6:

  • The new Fundations letters learned this week were e & r. Both letters are tricky sounds to master. Don't forget to practice at home! 
  • enVision Math: We are continuing with Topic 4, comparing numbers. This week, we learned to compare 1 more, 1 fewer, and 2 more. 
  • Our centers this week focused a lot on Thanksgiving: 
    • Listening Center: Turkey Trouble 
    • Writing Center: we wrote what we are thankful for.
    • Art Center: Cupcake turkeys 
    • Game Center: First Sound Fluency - Pick a Turkey
    • Fundations Center: practiced letters e & r 
    • Poetry Center: I'm Glad I'm Not a Turkey
  • Morning Meeting: Dice Greet, and playing Chief
  • Social Lesson with Ms. Greene: learning about the word patience. 
  • Computer class: we watched a BrainPOP video on why we celebrate Thanksgiving, and then designed our own turkey
  • Library: We listened to the story Click Clack Boo! 
  • New Brain Break: I'm Awake, Alert, Alive, Enthusiastic! 
  • Class Reward:  As a whole class, we have been working so hard and remembering our classroom rules and following the expected behaviors. As a result, we filled up our class ticket jar! Our class reward was to have Book Buddy day on Friday, with a second grade class! Take a peek at the pictures below! 

Guiding Questions: 
  • What are some words that begin with the letter e? 
  • What are some words that begin with the letter r? 
  • For an additional challenge, tell your Kindergartener a word, and ask them what sound he/she hears at the beginning. See if they can tell you what letter the word begins with! 
  • Ask your Kindergartener to count as high as they can. We are practicing counting orally to 100! 
  • Tell your child a number. Can they tell you 1 more/1 less/2 more of that number? 
  • What is your child thankful for? 
  • Ask your child why we celebrate Thanksgiving. 
  • See if your child can perform our new Brain Break: I'm Awake, Alert, Alive, Enthusiastic! 
Looking Ahead:
Don't forget next week is a short week!
Dismissal will begin around 11:45. Please let me know any changes in your child's dismissal as soon as possible. 

We are looking forward to another exciting week in K! 

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