Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Short but Sweet Week!

Even though students had two days off, we still had lots of fun and learned a lot this week in Kindergarten! Check out the blurbs below to find out our classroom happenings!

Read Alouds:
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This week in Fundations, the two be letters we learned were: d and s. These letters are very tricky to write, so I was impressed when students practiced them on our whiteboards! Be on the lookout next week for a homework packet, which will feature letters c, o, a and g.
                                              d, dog, /d/                         s, snake, /s/
    Image result for d dog fundations
Art Center - This week's art center focused on Veteran's Day and Native Americans. We made American flags, corn, and our very own Indian Paintbrush flowers.
Fundations Center - This week, we practiced letters d, s, and g.
Writing Center - During writing center, we got to use the iPads to practice writing letters we have already learned. We used the app glowdraw. It was a huge success!
Book Making Center - We colored and made books based on words that begin with d, s, and g. Ask your Kindergartener to read you the book he/she made when the books come home! 

This week in enVision Math, we began our next unit, Topic 4, Comparing and Ordering Numbers 0-10. We learned how to tell when a number is greater than another number. We will continue with this topic next week, in which we will talk about numbers that are 1 more, and 1 fewer than each other. 

- In computers, we practiced geometry skills as children built houses on the computers.
- In library, we got to listen to the story Library Lion.
-During our social lesson with Ms. Greene, we learned some strategies we can use when we wait. These include singing in our head, looking around the room, counting in our head, daydreaming, and more! 
-November Scholastic book orders are due next week!
-Morning meeting: we did a salute greet when we said good morning to our friends.
-Symphony Math: Last Thursday, children took a math assessment on the computer. Results were sent home with your child on Friday. If you have any questions/concerns about the assessment, etc., I would be happy to answer them at our upcoming parent-teacher conference.

Check out the video clip to watch the Waiting Game!!! 

New brain break this week, check out the clip! 
Guiding Questions:
- What are some words that begin with the letter d?
-What are some words that begin with the letter s?
- What was your child's favorite craft this week?
- What was your child's favorite center this week?
-What are some strategies that your child remembers when he/she waits?

Looking Ahead
-Next week, we will focus on learning about Thanksgiving, and some of the differences between Thanksgiving a long time ago, and Thanksgiving now.
-Be on the lookout for a notice to come home early next week, informing you of your scheduled day/time for a parent-teacher conference.

Some of our November crafts so far! 


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