Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pumpkins & Pajamas!

Dear Kindergarten Families:

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and Columbus Day!
We were still able to have lots of fun and learn a lot even though it was a four day week!
This week's focus was pumpkins, as we read many pumpkin stories, did creative arts and crafts with pumpkins, and learned a pumpkin poem. Take a look at what we did this week in Room 6 below:

Read Alouds:
Our Poem,5 Little Pumpkins

Image result for pete the cat 5 little pumpkinsImage result for scholastic news pumpkin

We focused on letters m and n this week. We practiced the sounds that these letters make, and we practiced writing these letters on paper and on whiteboards! 
*We continue to review letters that we learn. This week we also practiced writing letters t, b and f.
*We practiced how to retell a story, by listening to a story about Mama Echo.
*We practiced writing sentences about things we like; we remembered to begin a sentence with a capital letter, and end it with a period. 
Check out some letters some "student teachers" practiced on the big whiteboard! 

This week we continued with Topic 2, Comparing Numbers 0-5. We discussed how we know when a group has fewer or more objects. We will finish up with Topic 2 next week.  

* We continued to practice "rating" stories after we hear them. When we rated a story, we gave a reason why we liked/disliked the story.
*5 Little Pumpkins: We practiced reading AND retelling this story using retell sticks. Be sure to ask your Kindergartener to retell the poem to you at home using their retell sticks! 
*We painted paper plates and made them into pumpkins! 

Check out some pictures below from our Pajama Day. Everyone looked so comfy!!! 

Guiding Questions: 
-Ask your child to retell the poem 5 Little Pumpkins. Can he/she remember what happened?
-How did your child rate our read alouds? Did he/she like or dislike the stories?
-Ask your child about playing Fuzz Buzz in computers.
-What is your child's favorite poem so far?
-Challenge your child to think of some words that begin with m or n.

Reminders/What's Next:
-We will not have library next week due to the book fair. Our class is going to the book fair on Wednesday.
-In Fundations, we will be learning about the letters u and i.
-We will wrap up topic 2 and begin Topic 3 in enVisionMath.
-We will talk about spiders next week - featuring a spider syllable game, a spider morning greet, and a spider poem.
-We will begin using the iPads next week.
-Halloween: Please be on the lookout for more information about Halloween next week. The Kindergarten Team is planning lots of fun! 

Homework: A big thank you to families who have been practicing letter formation with your child at home!!! 
*We have began an incentive chart for completed homework, which will go in the back of your child's Red Communication folder. 
*Please keep the charts in your child's folder. 
*We will add a sticker for every practice packet that comes back to school; after 5 stickers, students can receive a prize. 
*Please keep in mind that these practice sheets are strongly recommended, but are not required to complete. 

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