Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Fun!

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Dear Kindergarten Families:
We have enjoyed the first full week of October here in Kindergarten! We have read stories, completed arts & crafts activities and centers that all focus on the season of Fall. 
Read Alouds:
This week, we read the following stories/texts about Fall: 
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This week in Fundations, we practiced writing letters t, b, and f. We talked about the sounds that these letters make, and the children did a wonderful job practicing the formation of these letters on the dry-erase boards. In addition, we learned that sentences have words, and that the beginning of a sentence has a capital letter, and the end of the sentence has a period. 
The children were so excited to meet baby echo! Be sure to ask your child what Mama Echo and Baby Echo help them with. 
*Next week, we will be sending home some optional resources for your child to practice writing these letters. Be on the lookout in your child's red communication folder on Tuesday!!! 

enVisionMath: This week during math, we have worked on comparing numbers by using the words more, fewer, and same as. We have practiced comparing numbers 0-5. Be sure to continue to ask your child about these vocabulary terms! 

Reading Centers: 
During our reading block, we have been working on practicing syllables, practicing writing our Fundations letters, and practicing poetry. We learned how to "rate" a poem by deciding how much we liked it. If we really liked the poem, we used stickers to give it 5 stars! Next week, we will practice more centers, including listening center and writing center. 

Fall Crafts: 
With fall upon us, we have completed some great creative art projects. During art center, the children decorated his/her very own leaf using sponge paint. The leaves looked so great we decided to hang them up on our classroom door! Next week, we will do a pumpkin craft! 

This week, each child was paired with a "buddy" from our classroom. This is a way for the children to branch out and meet new friends! Your child and his/her buddy sat next to each other on the rug, practiced turning & talking, and sat next to their buddy at lunch time. Be sure to ask your child who his/her buddy was!

Show & Tell on Wednesday! 
Each day, the children work so hard on following rules and expectations in our classroom. They have been earning lots of tickets, and we filled up our whole class reward jar and had show & tell on Wednesday. The students got to tell about their show & tell item with the other kids at his/her table. We talked about how to ask questions about a friend's object. The kids had a blast! Check out some pictures below from our Show & Tell on Wednesday! 

Guiding Questions: 
-Ask your child about "sky writing" and "shaking it off!" 
-What letter does your child like writing the best so far: t, b or f? 
-How was meeting Baby Echo? 
-Be sure to talk with your child about syllables. Challenge him/her to a syllable game! 
-What color leaf does your child like the best? 
-How do you know when a group of objects has more, fewer, or the same as another group? 
-How was the first day of Computers?  
-How was show and tell? What kind of questions did your friends ask about your show & tell object? 

Looking Ahead: 
Next week, we will continue with our theme of fall and Halloween. We will concentrate on pumpkins, as we will learn a new pumpkin poem, Five Little Pumpkins, read many stories about fall and pumpkins, and will make our very own pumpkin using paper plates and paint.  Take a look at some upcoming things next week: 
-Library is on Tuesday! Don't forget Monday is a holiday and we will not be in school :) 
-Computers on Thursday
-We will work on letters m and n
-During math, we will continue to work on comparing numbers
- We will learn a fun Halloween song and a new Halloween shake break
-We will learn how to listen to stories and then rate them
- Our class ticket jar is very close to the top. I bet we might earn a class reward next week!

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