Friday, June 16, 2017

Kindergarten Has Been a "Ball!"

We have been having so much fun these past few weeks! Check out the photos below, featuring a mystery reader, field day, and BEACH DAY!!! 

THANK YOU to Rhys' dad for coming in to be a Mystery Reader last Friday!!!

Kindergarteners had so much fun at Field Day on Monday! We got to do activities such as playing games on the parachute, ring toss, relay races, and more! 

Our class reward on Friday was well deserved! We had so much fun at "beach day!"
Students participated in "beach day activities," including reading a favorite book with their beach towel, bowling with coconut "balls," using fun beach straws with snack, and playing LIMBO at the end of the day!!! 
Check out the fun photos! 

Check out some hula dancers from Room 6! 😀

Protect the Popsicle Challenge
Students prepared and built their very own structures to protect popsicles from melting in the sun. Each student was placed in a group. Students had to work together to build a strong, sturdy structure to prevent a popsicle from melting.
Thank you to Mr. Musselman for helping us with this fun challenge!
We can't wait to test out our structures next week when the sun is out!! 

 Room 6 is Ready for SUMMER!!!