Sunday, May 22, 2016

Ladybugs, Butterflies, and Tadpoles, Oh My!

In Kindergarten this week, our understanding of life cycles has continued to unfold with our observations of ladybugs, tadpoles and butterflies. After watching our ladybugs transform into adults, we released them into the "wild" on Monday. 

Ladybug release!

Some ladybugs crawled onto us!

Our butterflies came out of their chrysalises! We were so excited to watch them transform!

Mrs. Binnall and I released two butterflies so they would survive. We can't wait to release the rest of the butterflies with the class once they come out of their chrysalises! 

This week, we researched all about frogs, including what frogs look like, what they eat, where frogs live, and some cool facts about frogs. Our research was done during our listening, book, and observation centers. Our art, writing, poetry and Fundations centers all focused on our theme of frogs. Be sure to ask your child what he/she learned about frogs this week!

Each week, the children get "coupons" to reinforce positive behavior. 
An example from this week: Sid got a coupon to read a story to the class! Sid did an amazing job!

Thank you to Mrs. Vienneau for coming in to be our mystery reader on Friday!

Guiding questions: 
- What do frogs look like? What do frogs eat? 
- What was your child's favorite fact about frogs? 
- What was the whole school reward on Friday?
- Who was the mystery reader? What did he/she bring to read?
-Have your child read a story to you, or read a story to your child. Ask him/her the following questions to think about reading: 
Start at the beginning, and retell what happened in the story. 
What did the story make you think about?
What was your favorite part of the story and why? 

Looking Ahead:
-Next week, students will be writing their very own research books on frogs or butterflies. 
-We will be learning about zoo animals, in preparation for our upcoming field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo
-Save the Date: June 15th will be our Kindergarten Celebration! Please RSVP who will be attending this spectacular event!  

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Kindergarten is "Flying" By!

Dear families,

With the nice weather we have had this week, it is finally starting to feel like Spring! I can't believe we are in our final stretch of kindergarten!

Our focus this week was on butterflies, an interesting and very fitting theme!

Your child has been doing a great job researching butterflies during our ELA centers. Each student  used books, pictures, and observing real caterpillars to write 1-2 facts about what butterflies look like, what butterflies eat, a butterfly's life cycle, and cool facts about butterflies. In addition, our listening, art, poetry and writing centers all focused on our theme of butterflies. Be sure to ask your child what he/she has learned about butterflies this week! 
                                                  Our caterpillars have formed into chrysalises! 
                                  Some snapshots of the children enjoying our "game day" reward!!

                    Thank you to Mrs. Menkello for being our Mystery reader on Friday!!!

Guiding Questions: 
-How was book buddies on Friday?
-What do butterflies look like? What do they eat?
-Ask your child to recite our butterfly poem, Fuzzy Little Caterpillar
-What did your child observe at our caterpillar observation center?
-How was game day? What game did you play, and who did you play with? 
-What are the different ways we can sort objects?

Looking Ahead:
*Next week we will research all about frogs
*Don't forget to return the Franklin Park Zoo field trip permission slip as soon as possible!!! This will be our last field trip of the year! 
*Homework: Our last Tic Tac Toe board will be sent home on Monday. 
Thank you for all your support at home in assisting your child complete the suggested activities each week!!! 
*Save the date: Wednesday, June 15th will be a special Kindergarten celebration that you do not want to miss!!! More information will be coming next week! 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Lego-ing Around at Legoland!

We had a blast on our field trip at Legoland on Thursday!! Take a look at some pictures to see all the action!

Thank you to Mrs. Salmon for being our Mystery Reader on Friday!!! 

Coming up: 
-During the next two weeks, we will continue to learn how to conduct research by researching butterflies and frogs 
-We will write our very own research books

Stay tuned for some fun end-of the-year events!! More information will be forthcoming shortly!