Saturday, March 26, 2016

Signs of Spring?!

Dear Families:
Although we began our week with a snowy start, we have focused our learning on some signs of Spring! We chanted our poem of the week "Spring is Here," we went on CVC word scavenger hunts, we "cracked" into some sight word eggs, and played a "bunny hop" CVC game! 

Sight Words:
So far, we have learned 40 of our sight words, and have only 10 more to go! Students have been doing a great job at practicing sight words during our independent center time. Keep practicing at home! Don't forget to check the "What We're Learning" tab to get the most up-to-date words we have learned. 

Children are continuing to practice tapping to read and write CVC words.  In addition, we have learned several digraphs (two letters that make one sound), and have started to learn that vowels have more than one sound. Be sure to ask your child about "magic e," and what happens when this letter comes at the end of a CVC word. 

EnVision Math:
Next week, we will finish up Topic 10, Composing Numbers 11-19. In this topic, children are learning to make numbers 11-19 as ten and some left over ones. We will begin Topic 11, Decomposing Numbers at the end of next week.  

Guiding Questions:
- Ask your child about our CVC egg scavenger hunts. What were inside the eggs? What did the children have to do?
- Ask your child about "magic e." What does magic e do to vowels? (make the vowels say their name). 
-Ask your child what the CVC bunny hop game is! 
-Did your child enjoy "cracking" into some sight words? Ask him/her what they had to do with the eggs! 
-Ask your child about playing a "greater than" and "less than" game in computer class.
- Can your child remember our poem "Spring is Here"? 

Looking Ahead:
We will continue to focus on our theme of Spring in the coming weeks. 
I am looking forward to speaking with each of you in the next few weeks to discuss your child's progress in Kindergarten! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

"Lucky" to be in Kindergarten!

Dear Families,
We had a very "lucky" week in Kindergarten! On Thursday, Lucky the Leprechaun visited our classroom, and was very impressed with how hard the students in Room 6 were working! As a result, we got to have "Game Day" as our reward! 
Please take a look at some pictures below from our week!
Lucky the Leprechaun wrote a message to our class! 
Gavin's Grandparents were our Mystery Readers on Friday! Thank you to Gavin's Grandparents for reading a very special story! 

Guiding Questions: 
- What was your child's favorite sight word center this week? 
- We talked about St. Patrick's day this week and wrote why we are lucky. Ask your child why he/she is lucky? 
- Ask your child to come up with some words that begin with /sh/, /th/ and /ch/ digraphs (examples: chin, this, ship, etc.)
- Ask your child what a graph is. Can he/she make a graph of the number of girls vs. boys in our class? (6 girls and 11 boys)  
- How high can your child count to when skip counting by 2's? What about by 5's?
- Who was our Mystery Readers on Friday? What book did they read?
- What game did your child play on game day? Who did he/she play with? 

Looking Ahead:
- No school on Friday, March 25th
- Conferences: If you haven't done so already, please send back the Parent-Teacher conference sign-up sheet ASAP. 
-Please be on the look-out in the next few days for an email to verify your conference time. I'm looking forward to meeting and/or speaking with you about your child's progress in Kindergarten!! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Procedures & Policies

Dear Families,
In Kindergarten this week, our learning was all about procedural writing, and learning about policies in the school and our community.

Procedural Writing:
This type of writing is nonfiction writing, in which the children explain how to do something in sequential order. We practiced explaining how to brush our teeth, how to wash our hands, and how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Policies in School & our Community:
This week, the Burlington Science Center visited Fox Hill to help teach us about trash reduction. On Tuesday, the whole school had an assembly in which we learned about the importance of throwing trash away, and how we can reduce the amount of trash compiled in our school lunches each day. After the assembly, we learned that instead of throwing everything at lunch time, we can recycle plastic water bottles and tin foil, and we can do things like save food we don't want for later.

This week, we also learned about the importance of community helpers, and some things that we can do to be a community helper. Be sure to ask your child about what he/she can help the community!

One day's worth of trash from school lunches at Fox Hill!

Mystery Reader:
Thank you to Mrs. Abdo for coming in to be our Mystery Reader! We loved hearing the story There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly!

Guiding Questions:
- Can your child tell you the steps in order, how to brush your teeth?
- Ask your child to tell you the steps how to tie their shoes!
- Ask your child what he/she can do to reduce our school's amount of trash.
- Be sure to ask your child what are some examples of community helpers?
- How is your child a community helper?
- Who was the Mystery Reader? What was your child's favorite part in the story?

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Seusstastic Week!

Dear Families,
We have had a seusstastic week here in Kindergarten! All week, we have celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by sharing his love for reading and education. We read several Dr. Seuss stories this week, explored the website Seussville, made a "Cat in the Hat" hat, and played a memory rhyming game.
We even took a class vote to see how many students like green eggs and ham, versus how many do not. Be sure to ask your child what the majority of the class voted for!

Please take a look at some pictures below to check out our week celebrating Dr. Seuss!

Wacky Wednesday

Birthday Shout-Outs!
Happy Birthday to Nathan, Gavin, and Havish! Gavin's birthday was on February 22; Havish's birthday was on Februaru 25th, and Nathan's birthday was on Match 3rd!

Mystery Reader on Friday! 

Guiding Questions:
-Who was the mystery Reader on Friday? What were the clues? Could your child take any guesses?
-Invention convention on Thursday: Kindergarteners went to the 4th Grade Invention Convention on Thursday! Be sure to ask your child which invention he/she liked the most!
-School reward on Thursday: Students got to sit wherever they wanted in the cafeteria on Thursday during lunch. This was our school-reward for great behavior! Don't forget to ask your child what he/she has been doing in school to earn this great reward!
-What was your child's favorite Dr. Seuss book; Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, Yertle the Turtle, or Horton Hears a Who?